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About Me

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I am Jennifer Hopkins.

A crystal lover, lightworker, meditation facilitator, intuitive empath, and a Usui & Karuna Holy Fire III Reiki Master.

My spiritual journey began many years ago when I felt burnt out and unworthy due to the stressors of a toxic environment. In perfect Divine timing, I discovered the benefits of meditation, learned Reiki, and basked in the feelings of healing, peace, and stillness both provided. In this stillness, I found a new path that was more heart-centered and aligned with my soul's purpose, and I knew I had to share this with my community.

With a kind and compassionate approach, I guide my clients into a blissful and abundant state of wellbeing and hold space with them as they awaken their inner healer and align their body, mind, and spirit through Reiki, meditation, chakra work, and intuitive insight.

I’m looking forward working with you on your journey.

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